Book Review: Lord, Please Meet Me…

7 07 2005

Title: Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room

Author: Barbara Curtis

Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City

Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room by Barbara Curtis is a testimony to God’s grace. It is more than a “How To” Manual for Christian moms. It is an autobiography, a mother’s love story, a tale of victory in Christ Jesus. I found this book to be so many things.

She writes in the introduction:

This is a book about seizing each day, squeezing every bit of joy from every peanut-butter-and jelly smeared moment, finding God in the hum of a washing machine or an unexpected bargain. It’s about learning to believe that the stock market, the international situation, the Fortune 500 are really inconsequential next to the work we do – in God’s eyes, at least. And that’s what really counts.

Curtis finds her strength to serve her 12 children through grace revealed in the midst of mothering – in the most unlikely places. While concentrated quiet time doesn’t always make itself available, a prayer, a call to God in the heart of the day releases her burden and brings joy from above. Even in mothering, we must understand that we are never in control. Only He is.

She shares her personal story of growing up in a less than ideal environment. Her parents divorced. Her mother constantly moving around and even at one point placing them in “foster type” care. Later as a self-proclaimed feminist in the 1970s, Curtis embraced a wholly worldly lifestyle. At 39, she broke through and gave her life to Jesus Christ, radically changing not only her outlook on life, but her parenting style. In the pages that follow, she details the results of this change.

This book is filled with so many personal testimonies. Each page is filled with revelations of Curtis’s greatest heartaches and biggest obstacles and stories of joyous triumph and love.

You never forget that faith is what sustains this family. From the Chapel of the Wash and Dry to the realization of what being Just a Mommy means (what God created us to be), Curtis’s daily bread is the Word of God. How hard it is sometimes to see God in those frantic mommy moments. Curtis points out those little places in our days where we can praise Him, find strength and get through with a smile on our faces.

What I enjoyed most about this book was how “real” Curtis gets with her readers – the same way she gets real with God. Throughout the pages, one feels like you’ve become a part of the family – that you were there when Ben watered the green carpet with the garden hose, or when Jonny asks Mommy to “order” snow online or when Jasmine wanted to join the cake baking contest.

Sal’s Final Word
I highly recommend this book as an encouragement for moms young and old. Curtis centers herself on who she is in Christ – a mommy. In this world, it’s easy to get knocked off that center and feel wholly insufficient not only as a mother, but as a woman. This book is loaded with wonderful stories of a great family that will make you laugh and cry.

I really don’t know what else to write. As I looked back through the material to write this review, I found it difficult to not use quotes – this review could have simply been a string of life lessons pulled from the pages of this small, but powerful book. It’s one of those books that needs to be savored, page by page, lesson by lesson.




2 responses

7 07 2005
Barbara Curtis

I’m really touched by this, Sal. God has certainly been good to allow me to share these moments in print. It gives them meaning when they truly speak to someone. Thank you so much.

7 07 2005

Wonderful review Sal. I looked at my radar on the computer and it looked like you folks were getting a bit hammered with a storm or soon to be. Hope things don’t get too bad.

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