I Don’t Care, I Still Like Them

13 08 2005

Last night, as I tied my quilt on the living room floor, I wanted to flip in a movie to watch as I tied. I recently acquired the two Left Behind movies for a song from Walmart. I hadn’t seen either of them in a while, so I decided to put the original one in.

Although I didn’t make it to the end of the movie, there were some parts that grabbed me –

-When the mothers are all looking for their missing children during the rapture.
-Pastor Bruce lamenting that he knew about God, but didn’t know God.
-Rayford coming home to an empty house.

Now I have read much criticism on the web about the books and the movies. While they’re no Gone with the Wind, I really enjoyed both the book and the movies.

Another story to share…

Back in the summer of 2001, when Jesus was filling this heart with his love, I had the opportunity to read many things. I had just bought a new Bible from Books A Million and received a free copy of the first Left Behind book. While I was exploring God’s Word, I also read this first book in the series.

Now, prior to that book, I never knew a thing about End Times – nothing about the second coming of Christ, the rapture or what the Book of Revelation really says. Of course, reading the books sent me to different places in my Bible to find some of these things for myself. But it was an awakening of that part of the scriptures for me. I checked out and read the remaining books in the series from the library. I think they were up to #8 at that point. I read the remaining ones along the way as they were released.

While I don’t believe that the books portray what will actually happen when we reach that point in the journey, I liked reading the interpretation and seeing actual people living out the prophesy. Critics have lamented that the books are not well written. While I wouldn’t classify them as “literature,” they’re up to snuff with the other best selling fiction filling our bookstores. I found the story very engaging and easy to pick-up on – even with my lack of knowledge of the storyline.

I know there are many who take theological dispute with them. To me, they are fiction with a Biblical twist. I’m not an End Times junkie. I’m not trying to figure out God’s Plan and build a End Times Shelter in my back yard. These stories were just a little bit off the beaten path for me and hit at a time when I was ready for something different.

During this time, I also read two of the Harry Potter books which I didn’t like, so go figure.

I like the second movie,The Tribulation Force, better than the originial. Again, they’re no Gone with the Wind, but I enjoyed them. I think that it would be very hard to make a movie about even one of the books. There’s too much action and explanation needed to be covered in two hours, perhaps a mini series would do the trick. But I doubt we’ll see that.

I know most don’t agree with me, but since this is my blog, I get to write what ever I want and you can disagree with me if you want. Just make sure you do it nicely!

Also found this blog which appears to be reviewing the book in detail. There’s a link to his Left Behind archives in the sidebar!




2 responses

13 08 2005

I have read almost all in the series and personally I love them. I have a hard time putting them down when I start to read them.

14 08 2005

I really enjoyed the books as well. I thought they were written well, even if they will not become classics. I have certainly read worse Christian fiction!

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