Bump’s Book Corner – Roller Coaster

25 02 2007

I love children’s literature, and having children has given me the opportunity to explore so many things I’ve missed since my own childhood. There are lots of great books out there. I’m going to try to write, on a regular basis, about some of the ones that come our way.

Title: Roller Coaster
Author: Marla Frazee

roller coaster book

I found this book randomly while browsing library shelves. Of course, Bump is a HUGE roller coaster lover. Everything is a roller coaster – belts, ties, strips in quilts – anything that looks like a track. So I figured he’d love this. I was right.

The book follows the roller coaster experience – from standing in line, to getting in the cars and then finally up, up, up and Whoosh. A little girl who is riding for the first time sits in the front car. Not only does every page capture the roller coaster, but the expressions of the various riders in their string of cars from the old folks who love to the macho guys who get sick. I doubt Bump noticed that part, but he did pick up on little details like the one boy losing his hat. It’s a book for 2 years and up, with simple phrasing capturing the essence of the roller coaster.

To say Bump loves it is an understatement. It’s one of those books that we bring home that gets read at every moment of reading time for the first few weeks (we have a 4 week checkout.) This is the book that he will recite while he’s “playing roller coaster” with his cars or other various coaster imagined toys.

I’m hoping to add this book to our collection next time I have to order from Amazon. This one is a keeper.




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