Book Review: Robin Roberts From the Heart

3 06 2007

Title: From the Heart – Seven Rules to Live By (Read excerpt.)

Author: Robin Roberts – CBS Good Morning America Co-anchor, former ESPN anchor

Publisher: Hyperion


Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this item, but merely given a complementary copy of the work and asked that in exchange I review on my blog.

This books almost seems like a self-help book from looking at it, but really it’s the story of Ms. Roberts’ personal journey of perseverance in overcoming obstacles to achieve success. It’s about making choices that will lead to this success, recognizing who you are and the road that we need to travel to reach our goals – no shortcuts please. In the seven key points that she mentions that affect her life, she shares doses of her experiences that tell her story.

What I liked:
Not the average biography, From the Heart‘s format made for enjoyable reading. Instead of following Ms. Roberts’ story from beginning to end, we bounced around to those key moments that applied to each lesson. These moments could be from any part of her life.

Ms. Roberts’ sports background helped make a connection in several of the points. I always find these type of analogies useful in trying to discuss approaches with young people.

I loved the honor, integrity, and character that her family has along with the love for one another. It’s not typical in many families today, and another great example to reflect upon.

Ms. Roberts certainly doesn’t take the credit for her successes in life. She recognizes how key her upbringing has been, and acknowledges God as part of that formula. While her books is not a faith handbook, it’s refreshing to see a mainstream media personality own that part of her life.

Ms. Roberts believes success is the result of hard work, not about being given opportunities because of race or gender. She dedicates one entire chapter to discussing this point.

What I didn’t like:
I understand that this book is not about faith. Although one chapter acknowledges the importance of faith, it seems a little light and fluffy. Other areas of the books seem void of this recognition in light of content of antidotes. In other words, I wouldn’t know Ms. Roberts was a Christian if you removed Chapter 7 from the book.

I enjoyed reading this book. It’s a light read and fun. Although I have never seen Ms. Roberts on GMA, I frequently have enjoyed her sports reporting over at ESPN.




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