Book Review: 3 Seconds – The Power of Thinking Twice

16 07 2007

Title: 3 Seconds – The Power of Thinking Twice

Author: Les Parrot, PhD



Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this item, but merely given a complementary copy of the work and asked that in exchange I review on my blog.

We are stuck in negative thinking. Our automatic responses hold us back from achievement and breaking through personal walls. Parrott asserts that by taking 3 seconds and going to our second response, we can overcome barriers in our life that are holding us back. There are many areas where we can do this, but he covers six:

  1. Empower Yourself
  2. Embrace a Good Challenge
  3. Fuel You Passion
  4. Own Your Piece of the Pie
  5. Walk the Extra Mile
  6. Quit Stewing and Start Doing

Each chapter discusses the concept in depth – what our first response typically leads to, and how taking that extra three seconds can make a difference. Parrott uses real life examples, his own and those of others, to drive his points home. He peppers the chapter with other interesting quotes related to the topic. Each chapter ends with a short set of questions to take you further on each of these points.

What I liked:
I have read many, many self-help books and books of encouragement – both Christian and non-Christian. I found Parrott’s approach refreshing. His points and sub-points were short, but powerful and to the point. He wasn’t a cheerleader telling you that “you’ve got it in you”, but really came off more like a mentor in his approach. We’re always so busy going through our day-to-day. I like the encouragement to stop and think about what we’re doing and saying. You can apply it even beyond his six points.

Parrott is a Christian, but this book wasn’t a “you need Jesus” approach. He talked about prayer, the Bible and mentioned God, but really wasn’t overtly trying to get you saved, but more trying to make you think overall about things. I enjoyed this perspective and find that it will draw in other non-Christian and non-practicing Christians without laying guilt or condemnation on them. His views are not Biblically based, so to speak, but certainly have a Christian heart behind them.

He hit the nail on the head for me in a few chapters, and I am planning to go back and spend some more time studying them and answering the questions at the end of the chapter – and discussing them with my husband and family.

I also found that the quotes he selected to include in various parts of the book were encouraging and appropriate without being too sappy or overbearing.

What I didn’t like:
That he didn’t cover more of my flaws! I really enjoyed this book and can’t say that there’s anything bad about it.

This little book is a gem. It has lots to say if you are willing to listen with an open heart and be critical of your own approach to life.




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16 07 2007
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