Review: Jari Love, Get Extremely Ripped

29 05 2009

I got a new workout DVD last week, hoping to help motivate me to new levels. So far, it’s helping. I use Jari Love workout DVDs all the time, but have never really “reviewed” them in the sense that I did some other workout videos. So, I’ll start with the latest and move backwards.

DVD: Get Extremely Ripped by Jari Love
Length of workout 30-60 minutes
Type of workout: Cardio Weight routine

What is the workout about?
In this latest workout video, Jari and her 5 “Rippers” are in an “industrial” look setting and doing compound exercises to the max. This video has 2 30 minute segments that can be played separately or together. There are 5 different exercise combos per segment plus warm up and cool down along with an additional ab routine. The exercises use both upper and lower body and will get your heart rate pumping. There are no breaks between the workouts, and the idea is to keep your heart rate elevated during the entire routine.

Equipment Needed
3, 5, 8 lb. dumbbells to start out – maybe more if you are more advanced. Step comes in handy too, but is optional for this video.

Some people may find compound exercises challenging from a coordination standpoint. But once you figure out the moves, they sure do get your heart pumping. Be prepared to do either lunges or squats in some form in just about every track. You’ll work your upper body at the same time – shoulder, biceps, triceps, back. This work out it a cardio junkie’s weight lifting dream.

What I Like
This workout sure got my heart pumping. Every segment found me challenging my muscles and raising my heart rate. I like that I can do a 30 minute or 60 minute workout. Jari is very personable and in this dvd, she is much more conversational with the “rippers.” As the workout progress, you also notice that some of rippers (especially Laurie) seem to be challenged as well, which is encouraging since by that time you are struggling. The modifications give you loads of different ways to do the exercises to best work at your current level. The exercises are fun and different than previous Ripped videos and because they are compound exercises, you don’t often realize how hard you’re working. On several tracks, I found myself moving slowly but sweating hard. It’s easy to tailor this workout to whatever your level is, and again this is demonstrated by the different people working alongside Jari.

The Challenges
Some of the exercises might challenge your coordination or balance and be difficult to do – especially if you’re just starting out. Or if you have some physical limitations, you might find this approach to be too much for you. I’ve got a knee that’s been through some trials and a bunion that doesn’t like the lunge position. Because of the sheer volume of these type of exercises, it makes it quite challenging for me to perform all of the squats and lunges at my maximum. As the workout moves along, I find myself unable to go as deep into the moves as I could at the beginning. not because of fitness, but because my worn knee and bunion can no longer tolerate the same level of pulsing. As I result, I only do this workout a max of 1x per week. If this is a major concern for you, this might not be your best workout option.

I liked this workout overall. It’s different than previous “Ripped” videos and challenges me in a different way. I’m a cardio junkie, so the idea of keeping up my heart rate while weight training is right up my alley. I rotate it right in with all of my other Jari Love workouts to challenge myself and keep from getting bored. I do recommend it to people who enjoy challenging home weight routines and know their own limitations.

Note: I was not paid for my review or even provided with a copy of the video. My review is based on my workout likes and dislikes based on 16 years of home exercise experience. Looking for a great home workout? Decide what you like, read reviews to see what people like or don’t like on a workout. Try previewing workouts where you can. I’ve rented Jari’s and other DVDs on Netflix to preview them.




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5 06 2009
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