Review: Jari Love, The Rest of the “Ripped” Series

5 06 2009

Last week, I wrote a review on Jari Love’s, Get Extremely Ripped workout DVD. Today, I’m just going to give a brief overview of the rest of her Get Ripped Series.

Unless otherwise noted, for all workouts, you will need dumbbells, plates or a barbell and an aerobic step

Get Ripped – (The original)
Time – About 45 Minutes
The Workout – This DVD is the perfect introduction to at-home weight training, and the very foundation of the entire ripped series. It starts with a warm-up and works through all the major muscle groups with basic weight training moves including chest presses, squats, lunges, dead lifts, biceps, triceps, abs and more. Workout is low weight, high reps – meant to tone your body and not build bulk. The “Rippers” demonstrate the exercises using various modifications for all fitness levels. Love leads the workout and provides detailed instructions on how to do each exercise correctly, to avoid injury and maximize results.

Get Ripped Slim and Lean
Time – About an Hour
The Workout – In Slim and Lean, Love takes over where she left off in the original “Ripped”. Again, she presents a low weight, high rep workout that will work all major muscles groups. Many of the exercises include “pulse” options and isometric holds – different from the last dvd. Workout finishes with abs and a stretch.

Get Ripped to the Core
Time – About an Hour
The Workout – This Ripped workout takes the same high rep, low weight approach, but instead uses compound exercises in every segment. What’s a compound exercise? It’s designed to work multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, one exercise segment has you moving from a deadlift (works legs and back) into a bicep curl. In another, you will do step ups and shoulder raises. Incredibly, it seems like you’re not doing much, but they do work. You will sweat and your heart rate will elevate as you move through this routine. And again, it’s all about modifications, as the rippers demonstrate different weights and variations for all fitness levels.

Get Ripped 1000
Time – About an Hour
The Workout – Aerobic intervals combine with compound exercises, is the concept behind this workout. It’s designed to burn lots of calories. After your warm-up, you’ll do a 2 minute simple aerobic segment that will get your heart rate pumping. Next will be a weight segment, typically with a compound exercise. Then it’s back to aerobics. The workout is similar to previous workouts with a high rep, low weight concept and multiple modifications on the exercises. One ripper demonstrates the various moves and exercises without a step to assist.

Get Ripped and Chiseled
Time – About an Hour
The Workout – Similar to previous workouts, except exercises are grouped according to muscle groups. These groups are worked to exhaustion and you might find yourself lightening up your load by the time your reach the last exercise in a particular group. The rippers again, show you how to get it done, no matter your fitness level.

My Thoughts
Overall Impression – I have been doing these workouts for more than two years, and have really enjoyed them and seen results by using them. I had never done weight training workouts at home before I picked up my first Ripped workout. I find them challenging, and fun. I enjoy Jari’s personality and seeing the diversity of the “rippers”. Love gives a lot of good information on how to do exercises correctly, which has helped me tremendously. While these workouts are similar, there is some diversity here, really something for everyone. Many of the DVDs include great bonus features about how to do exercise correctly, what’s behind the Ripped workouts and even recipes.

Shelly’s Ripped Tip List
My Favorite – Ripped and Chiseled
My Least Favorite – Ripped 1000 (Mostly because my bunion is irritated by some of the aerobic moves, totally personal)
Best for Beginners – Original “Ripped”
For Functional Exercises – Ripped to the Core
My Usual Workout – Slim and Lean

When using these workouts, you must make sure that you challenge yourself. That has been my downfall here. After a shoulder injury 18 months ago, I have been hesitant to increase my weights and push myself through. Challenge yourself with these and don’t be afraid to take breaks. I made the most strides when I did that type of workout.

One Thing I Wish Was In the Workout – Someone Using Resistance Tubing. I’ve recently done some workouts with resistance tubing instead of dumbells. And it is fantastic. Wow. Many of the exercises could be modified to include a resistance ripper. Bands are an inexpensive alternative to having to invest in weights.

The Last WordLove the workouts. Great alternative to going to the gym for those who prefer at-home exercises.

You can watch previews of all of these workouts on Love’s website.

Note: I was not paid to provide a review of these workouts, and have no affiliation with the Get Ripped program. These are my opinions based on my own experience with the above products.




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