Day 90

23 08 2009

That’s right people. I made it. Yesterday was Day 90 of my P90X program – Round 1. I finished off with 90 minutes of Yoga X yesterday afternoon.

People ask me…does it work? I’ll let you be the judge.

Day 0
90 Days

I also lost 8.5 inches between my hips, waist and chest, but only 3 lbs. My goal had been 10.

For 2 years, I have been using other exercise DVDs to try and do push ups. Doing them from my knees was even a struggle. By week 3 on P90X, I started doing them off of my toes. I can now do 12 in a row off of my toes, and I did almost 60 of them in the last push up workout. I also have done a few pull ups. That seems like a small miracle to me. The yoga and stretching workouts have helped me gain more flexibility. I couldn’t even touch my toes before. Now, I can almost put my hands flat on the floor. And this fitness had bled over into other exercises. I did my first run in a couple months last week and found that my time for a 5 mile run was actually faster than what I had been running at last summer, when I put in 15-20 miles a week.

This was more than a journey to look better. It was, for me, an opportunity to feel better. Since altering my diet and adding muscle mass, I have had more energy than I have had in years. I do occasionally get that after lunch lull, but most often, I find I have more than enough to get me through. I think I already mentioned that I have stopped drinking coffee at a break neck pace. This too is a result of the program – not having time in the morning (or inclination) for a hot beverage. Instead, I have a recovery drink post workout, and move on with my day.

I am discovering that I am stronger and now can physically do more things. Today I pushed the stroller with one hand and held the over anxious dogs with the other, having no problems with that arrangement. I have moved lots of furniture in the last week (new floors all around here) by myself.

I also have a whole new group of friends that I met on the Beach Body Message boards. As we all go through our workouts together, we encourage one another – celebrating successes, and lifting one another up through failures. I love our group. We are all different ages, body sizes, etc, but yet the workout binds us. If you decide to do P90X, I encourage you to create a “free” membership at Find a group of folks starting out around the same time as you are. Be open and honest, share your story. It’s a blast!

Someone also asked me what you need to get started with P90X. The DVDs, obviously, a yoga mat, yoga block, weights or resistance bands, a place to do pull ups – if that’s your choice, you can also use resistance bands for that option – a chair for a few exercises, and a fan. Yeah, you’re going to sweat a little. I used the bands on my first round of P90X. I plan to use some weights and also start working my way to pull ups.

Exercise, for me, is a foundation of good health. At 42, this is more important to me than ever. P90X has helped me to strengthen that foundation. Are you ready to feel better and change your life???? Then BRING IT!




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24 08 2009

That is so great, Shelly! I am proud of you!

I am exercising with something called T-tapp. Have you heard of it? It, too, produces awesome results in inches lost. I’ve only been at it for two weeks, but clothes fit better already and I have better mobility/flexibility and even more clarity of thought. I am aiming toward lessening caffeine, with an end goal of elimnating it and sugar. I am so excited! At forty, it is either this…or to accept decline. That’s just how I see it. (At times I am too much of realist….)

Anyway – You llok great! 🙂

25 08 2009

You’re looking good, Shelly! Look at those buff arms! Pull ups? I used to be able to do several in my 20s. After the kids were born, my arms turned to mush. I think I can do 1 now.

18 11 2009
Does p90x work?

[…] finished the p90x in August, I recommend reading her day 90 review as […]

7 12 2009

Fantastic Results! 🙂 Congrats! Inches count for more than lbs in my book 🙂

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