Xing It

20 10 2009

Yeah, exercise has become a big thing for me since I started P90X in May. While I’m still doing the “program” – using the resistance workouts – I’ve branched my cardio out into all kinds of other things, primarily cardio kickboxing type workouts. There’s nothing more humorous than watching a 40-something female, who is generally a clutz, try to coordinate aerobic kickboxing combos. Since I workout on the back porch, a few of my neighbors could potentially have the opportunity to partake of the laughter.

This week is what P90X calls, “Recovery Week”. I call it, freelancer week and really use it as a chance to try some different things daily, and build on them. Today’s workout was 45 minutes with Amy Bento’s CIA 2901. I basically did 4 of 5 kickboxing combos and a couple of the intervals. The workout format is:

warm up
combo 1
interval 1
combo 2
interval 2
combo 3
interval 3
combo 4
interval 4
combo 5
interval 5
cool down

The combos are 6-7 minutes long and the intervals are meant to be a surge and only 2-3 minutes. This is typically the format for most of Bento’s cardio kickboxing workouts.

It’s too soon to tell if I like this one or now. I generally have to get a better feel for the combos, and the first go round isn’t the best measuring stick. But, I have already mostly picked up on her Kickboxing Extreme workout, and have grown to love that one. Really gets my heart rate up and lets me burn some goo, which is what I was shooting for today. In general, I like to try and get a short yoga workout in most evenings, but since life has been calling this week, I’m calling it a wrap on the workouts for today. I will scuttle off to get my boy to soccer, dinner on the table and a project off my sewing table.

But my workout times, are my little intervals of me time. Believe it or not, workouts are a recharge of my batteries and get me through the day. I try to take them in small increments – 30-40 minutes at a time. It seems to do the trick.

I’m off now, to the rest of my day, and hope to list out how my workouts are trending here.




One response

21 10 2009

Way to go on changing it up. I’m in Round 1, so I’ll either change it up like you, do P90X again or even go to the P90X Plus level.

Have you done the P90X plus?

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