Best Yoga DVD

29 11 2009

I am admittedly an “at home” type exerciser. I love to work out at home, and the ability to pop in 30 or 40 minutes here and there. Yoga has been a new love for me, and quite challenging. I have attended a few classes, but it is much easier for me to plan to workout at home. My search for quality Yoga DVD workouts has been far and wide. But, I have a new favorite:

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga: Total Body Transformation and Weight Loss with Sadie Nardini

I discovered Sadie purely by accident, really. It was on Amazon under “people who bought this also bought that.” At the time, I was purchasing another yoga workout. I put Sadie’s DVD in my cart, but did not buy it. Instead I got to know her first. I went to her website and her YouTube Channel. I got to read a lot of great articles and see her in action. Finally, I took the plunge. And now, it has easily become my favorite.

Why do I like it so much?

  • It’s different. While some of my other yoga DVDs are “flow” yoga, Sadie adds in these great moves – like fists of fire – that I really enjoy. I’ve never quite seen a DVD workout like it.
  • I can make my yoga practice any length. It’s the best of both worlds. While there are some “premixed” workouts on the DVD that I love, you can also select portions of workouts a la cart style and fill in with whatever time you have available. Or work on one section (i.e. Crow or inversions), to try and rock that pose.
  • The yoga is for everyone. Sadie encourages you in her introduction to practice yoga where you’re at. She offers many modifications throughout the DVD and makes you feel allright about doing what you are capable of and gives you hope that one day you can even do a handstand.
  • Her voice is soothing. She gives a lot of direction, but her voice is comforting and relaxing.
  • The practice is challenging. It’s easy to work up a good sweat doing this practice. The moves are invigorating and truly get your heart pumping.
  • I feel at peace when I have finished.

Overall, I find this workout a refreshing change in my yoga rotations. I may never make it to the Fierce Club to practice with Sadie, but I can feel like I have.

(Note: I am a beginner yogini, having practiced for about 6 months. I have tried many at-home yoga DVDs from many different teachers. I was not paid, nor provided a complimentary copy of this DVD to provide this commentary.)




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