Book Review – A Year With God

31 01 2011

Title: A Year With God
Author: R.P. Nettelhorst

Likes: This devotional makes Bible Heros come to life, but it also portrays their humanness and how God uses everything for his glory. The book is broken up into various sections –
-Hope and Fear
-Love and Hate
-Perseverance and Quitting
-Faith and Doubt
-Loyalty and Betrayal
-Companionship and Isolation
-Mercy and Judgment
-Forgiveness and Anger
-Joy and Sadness
-Peace and Conflict

to give the reader a point to focus on that may have more significance in his or her own life. It also digs out little bits of information on this story that perhaps were not the main focus, but would offer some encouragement.

Dislikes: In my opinion this devotional book is more geared for a newer Christian or someone who is interested in finding out more about the Christian faith, but does not have a Bible background. Seasoned devotional readers will be left looking for the “meat” in this missive. Daily summaries, often point out obvious lessons and seem like Bible lite.

Overall Thought: I enjoyed reading through some of these stories again, but it fell flat as a daily devotional for me. Nice reference book to have around, however, in the event I am searching for something in one of the topical veins or as resource to use with my children.

5 Star Rating: 3 Stars

Note: I received this book for review in the Booksneeze program. The opinions offer, are my own.




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