Joining the eReader Subculture

27 02 2011

When the Kindle first flashed on my radar a few years ago, I thought it was the silliest thing I had ever seen. As an avid Amazon shopper, I found it annoying to find my homepage repeatedly bombarded with this silly device. I briefly looked at the information, and laughed. Silly. Silly. Silly.

I do love books. I love stories of every kind. I have a life long pursuit of the written word, but in the last 10 years, I find my shelves filled with childrens’ and educational books. I feed my own interests mostly with books from the library. I have long ago purged my shelves of any collection of my own interests. I just don’t really spend money on books for me – not when I can get them from the library. An ereader just seemed like another way to buy books – books I didn’t need to buy. So, I mostly ignored anything related to ereaders.

And then something happened. I got a little android handheld device for Chistmas. I don’t have a smartphone, so this android would be my link to email and internet when I was not at home. I downloaded games and surprisingly ereader apps. Within a few weeks, I found myself using it almost exclusively as a reader. And I was finding that reading on a 3 inch screen was not exactly good on my eyes. Since I was having some issues with the wifi on my little android, I decided to return it and get a dedicated ereader instead. While I did a little research, I went for a NookColor…and I have not been sorry.

What I like about using my NookColor

– I like the interface. It’s easy to hold and turn pages. I can adjust the font type and size and the color of the background. My kids can’t pull out the book mark. Its light enough to carry in my bag, and I have my choice of things to read.
– Free and cheap books – There are a lot of free and cheap books out there. And I am now very connected to the networks that share them. This has opened a whole new world of books to me – independent authors and books that are off the beaten best seller trail.
-Having the ability to access the internet and email from my NookColor (not all ereaders offer this function.) I can also watch videos and listen to music, but have not used these functions as much.
-My NookColor has a backlit screen, so I can read in bed when my dh has gone to sleep and shut out the lights.
-I love elibraries. I put books on hold, and when the email comes, I just go to the library website and download my titles. No more driving to the library for pick ups. (Not all readers are compatible with elibraries.)
What I don’t like…
-As much as I like the interface, I do like the distinctiveness of certain books. On my ereader, all books seem the same, which affects my interaction with the material at times. (I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t really explain it any other way.)
-I read more slowly. I have a tendency to read through the material and not skip ahead. I miss this somewhat.
-For books that you might like to thumb through, the ebook format is hard to work with.
-My NookColor needs to be recharged far too often.
-I sometimes have a hard time reading through one book. Because I have so many books on my nook, I tend to jump from book to book, not finishing things. I probably have 5 or 6 books I’m reading right now, and I usually have 1 or 2.

Overall, I love it. I am still in the honeymoon period with my NookColor. I read on it every day, but it’s still new. My library’s ebook section is still relatively small, and not every book I like is available in ebook format. But as time goes on, I only see it getting better.




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