Great Books That You May Have Never Hear Of

26 03 2011

There’s a whole world of books out there. If you’ve ever been in your local bookstore, you know it. I can’t believe how many books are out there – on every topic. Tables full. Shelves full. Even the discounted section has books on things I would never have even thought of. Oh, so many books.

Enter, the ebook. The ebook is incredible. I could turn my archives into an ebook. And it wouldn’t cost me too much money. And then I could sell it on an independent site – or maybe it might get picked up by Kindle or BN for the nook. Suddenly, people would be reading my stuff – everywhere. People do this. So off the beaten trail, there is a whole subculture of indie authours. While some of them also have their work out in dtbs (dead tree books, you know regular books), their following come in the ebook crowd.

Here’s a couple I have discovered along the way….

Beyond Justice by Joshua Graham – A legal thriller with a Christian twist. I honestly could not put it down once things started.

We Interrupt This Date by L.C. Evans – Chick Lit at its finest. Susan is recovering from a divorce and a lifetime of being a doormat. Now that’s she’s starting over, how will she make her life different?

Remix – A dead British rock star shows up on the rooftop patio of xxx. Will she help him solve the murder he was accused of committing years earlier?

The Fashion Police by Sibel Hodge – Another Chick Lit murder mystery with ex-police officer Amber Foxy looking for the answer to the disappearance of a famous fashion designer.

I love having this option and hearing about these authors. There are many, many more of them out there. Ebooks for these authors are very inexpensive, and a treat to find. Kindle and Nook have many available, and the indie site Smashwords, also offers a lot of neat things. Read reviews, explore and invest in the next best selling author!




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