Book Review – Divine Appointments

11 04 2011

Book Title: Divine Appointments (Snow Globe Series)
Author: Charlene Ann Baumbich
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Pages: 320
Book Club Questions also included in my edition.

Summary: Set in the windy city, Divine Appointments has a cast of characters all linked to investment company Diamond Mutual. Josie is a consultant there. It’s her job to make recommendations on how to streamline the company. She also owns a mysterious snow globe with a brook inside of it. Lyle is a VP in charge of the day to day operations. He is a “bleedy heart” according to Josie, but loves to work with the people. Barb is the heart and soul of the IT department. Having been with Diamond for 20 years. She’s an encourager in the office and in her personal life. Marsha is Barb’s best friend at work. She is still recovering from a recent divorce and writing a story to help her work through her ex-husband’s infidelities and other controversies. Diamond is on the verge of restructuring. Who will stay, and who will go? What will it mean for everyone?

My Thoughts: I must say that I struggled tremendously with this book. It never quite grabbed my interest. The characters were well developed, but just didn’t seem interesting. And trying to intertwine them in relationship with each and other characters just didn’t create any anticipation of “what will happen”. There’s supposed to be a love story buried in here somewhere, but honestly I couldn’t really see the attraction of the characters. As the second of the snow globe series, the actual snow globe detracted from the story more than added to it. The conflict of the lay offs that take place in the book almost seem watered down, and easily remedied. Much of the story is neatly tied up at the end – even pulling minor characters forward to make the “bow” prettier.

The book is obviously Christian Fiction. The characters pray, talk about church life and depend on God. And no one seems to be offended by this. While this component didn’t bother me, it might be a consideration for other readers who are not interested in those types of characters.

Overall, I did not like the book and gave it a two star rating.

Note: I was provided a review copy of this book as part of the “Blog for Books” program. All opinions are my own.




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