Today and the Future

12 10 2011

I dreamed today of living in Upper Michigan, hidden somewhere on some backroad that is a collage of backroads that fill my memories. I see a house, a yard and my family. I see the snow, the mud and the green summer days. I feel a peace. It is officially in our plans to go there someday soon, to leave behind Virginia, our beautiful state that is too mired in traffic, wealth and one upmanship. Well parts of it are, mostly the part we live in. I know we could be happy in the more rural parts of the state. But we are leaving and going to family. That counts for something.

This is not happening tomorrow, but in the next five years sometimes. As now we make plans to make this happen, my heart is light and there is hope.

Fifteen years ago, I excitedly left the state I had lived in all my life for an adventure. But now the adventure has changed.

I am so excited.




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