It’s the Shoes

13 10 2011

I spent some alone time in public today. And during these moments where I am not distracted by the antics of young boys, I often find myself shoe watching. It’s kind of a take off on people watching. Every since my feet began to give me major problems 4 years ago, and I have been relegated to mostly athletic shoes as the preferred footwear of choice, I have began to really notice what others put on their feet.

In this part of the world the flip flop is a year round shoe. I have heard young girls giddy with the acquisition of a menagerie of colored foam floppers to match every outfit in the wardrobe. I have stared blatantly at women running around in 4 inch heels. I have smiled at the varieties of Chuckie Taylor’s now available. I love to see the toe shoes and wonder how that works for them.

I wonder why we wear what we do? Is it cool to wear certain shoes. Certainly my running shoes are chosen because they support my condition. Still wearing Saucony’s motion control shoe – think it’s the MC2 now, used to be the Grid Stabil. I wear lesser sneakers with arch supports during the day, a pair of asaic cross trainers for workouts and stare at a pair of Vibram 5 fingers that have evolved into glorified slippers. I have a pair of purple CTs in my closet, a few pairs of crocs and a pair of mary jane style shoes with some support in them. My closet is a graveyard of pumps and loafers, too risky to wear with any kind of regularity. Fortunately, my lifestyle supports my shoe options. What would happen if it didn’t? Would the business world accept me with athletic shoes???

I watch anyway, every chance I get. Is our shoe choice a reflection of who we are, or who we want to be. Our station in life, or what we want to achieve?




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