Oh for the Love of History

14 10 2011

I never realized what I great history love I am until I earnestly began to embrace reading again. I read lots of different things, but the stories of historical situations – even fictious ones peppered with historical details, give me a great deal of satisfaction. I love bios and memoirs and just plain old non-fiction.

My boys are following in my footsteps.

Virginia is a beautiful place, full of history and so we often find ourselves walking in history’s footsteps. Today it was at the Yorktown Battlefield. I love the Battlefield driving tour, as it is simple and to the point. It doesn’t mire you in all the details, but gives the general gist of those final days of the Revolutionary War. And it breaks it down in a way that kids can even love it.

I don’t know what it is (besides the cannons), but they love to run around to all the sites. My older son (formerly known as Bump and now 7 years old) understands what happened to some degree. And it thrills him. Which in turn thrills me. The little one just goes with the flow….I’m good with that.

So on a beautiful day full of clouds and wind, we found history. Or maybe it just found us.




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