When Literature and Life Meet

10 02 2012

I have long been meaning to return to this space. I love writing, but life as a full time home school mom is daunting. By the end of the day, my brain is sapped and I usually curl up with a good book instead of vent my day. My life with my e reader has opened up a whole new world of reading. I love exploring new authors, and old favorites. But sometimes, my reading ventures into my home school life. I have read many books this past year that will help me in teaching my kids about history.

I am in the homestretch of reading the Pulitzer Prize winning book – Washington, A Life by Ron Chernow. I have actually been battling the book since October, back and forth with getting the eBook from the library. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve settled in, determined to finish before my next expiration. So far, I’ve been amazed. It’s funny that although our favorite President in so many ways, Washington’s life has been mostly fictionalized and the important parts left out. Although what do I know? I am sure I don’t understand what the public schools are actually teaching about him, but only what I’ve been taught and what we see in the general media.

But there is so much more!!! I will share a full review here after completing the book.

As I have been working my way through the stories, I have felt compelled to take my kids on field trips to Washington related locations. Our first stop was the Yorktown Battlefield and the location of Washington’s camp. It’s strange to think that a plantation house stood on the now vacant grounds. All that remains is a square that was the family cemetery, and the open ground where Washington’s tent’s stood. Could we almost here the drum beats?

Next on our list is Mount Vernon. I have been surprised by how much I have missed on his estate, and had now idea it is what it is. (www.mountvernon.org) I can hardly wait to see inside and walk the grounds, in my imagination see the places I have read about. This is what excites me about non-fiction. I love the real people, the real places, and the stories that could be nothing but true.

And the story of Washington? One that no American should miss!




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