Wildflowers from Winter Christian Romance in the Midwest

26 04 2012

Title: Wildflowers from Winter
Author: Katie Ganshert
Genre: Christian Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Waterbrook Press

Summary: Twenty-eight-year-old Bethany Quinn has overcome her small-town, trailer park upbringing. Working at a prestigious architectural firm in Chicago, and on the verge of moving in with her lawyer boyfriend, Bethany gets sucked into her past by circumstance – the death of her best friend’s husband and the waning health of her beloved Grandfather. As she returns to the hometown of her discontent, she tries to run away from the past pain to bury herself in who she’s become, but God has other plans.

Despite the melancholy of the main character, Bethany, this is a decidedly light, come-to-Jesus romantic novel. Bethany is angry with God – a place most of us have been. But her anger is decidedly masqued in the pain and sorrow of her upbringing. She’s prickly. Despite having a boyfriend in the beginning of the book, Bethany seems to have little love flowing through her life. Or perhaps she has mistaken it for achievement. Although she believes she has overcome, she has yet to confront the true thing that keeps her from moving forward.

Bethany is a hard character to identify with at the beginning of the book. She is very closed, and although she wears her pain on he sleeve, her silence distances the reader from her. But we are rewarded with her love interest, Evan, who is open and passionate. Healed from his own pain, he confronts Bethany again and again. And while she is on the run, we gradually see his influence affecting her as she makes her way through this story.

The tale is full of small-town Midwest charm – Farms and fairs, the place where everyone knows your name and your business. The clear message of faith in Jesus, is present. Bethany is truly battling her faith and the false belief systems that has been instilled in her childhood. Other characters are building blocks to God’s plan in this story.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It’s message, although not unique, was a nice reminder of the sorrow we face on the path without God and that a perspective change makes all the difference. The characters seemed to grow on me as much as they grow in the story. Highly recommend for those who love Christian romance.

I was provided a complementary copy of this book by the publisher. All opinions expressed are mine.




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