Quickie Review: Kindle Paperwhite Ereader

17 10 2012

I drank the purple cool aid and bought a Kindle Paperwhite.  Well, I was sold before the device became available.  Really wanted to have a front lit reader, to hide away in all those dark places and read books.  I love my Kindle Touch, but was ready for something more.  Now why not a tablet you ask, or a iPad mini?  Those are coming out soon, right?  I have a Nook Color, which I have spent hours rooting and arranging to make it my own.  I simply don’t like a big clunky device that is constantly requiring updates to apps and charging as well as the distraction of these other things.  I just want to sit in the corner and read a book.  Since I’m a Kindle kind of gal these days, I waited patiently for the Paperwhite.  Here’s my review:

Love:  The ability to read in the dark.  The light is easy to turn on and off and makes the reading experience enjoyable.  The software updates is good.  With a choice between the traditional “List” aspect and the new “Cover” mode – it offers the best of both worlds.  I love “Reading Progress” – which measures your reading speed and reports how much time left in the current chapter and the book.  Overall, the functionality is similar to the Kindle Touch.  There are less page skips and malfunctions.  I enjoy having different fonts to choose from.

Needs work:  Unlike the Kindle Touch, there is no way to scroll between chapters on the Paperwhite, you must “goto” a chapter.  This is particularly annoying if you are reviewing books and trying to find a chapter.  Also, turning wifi or 3g on/off is now 3 tap move vs. 2 taps with the Kindle Touch.  To find a note when looking in the “notes and marks” of a particular book, there is no “goto page” for the notes.  You would have to scroll through all the notes to find a particular one.  And once a note is selected, you can’t go back to where you were in scrolling through.  It was the same with the Kindle Touch, and mostly annoying when you have 135 pages of highlights on a book you might be reviewing….

Screen concerns:  The biggest brew-ha on the Paperwhite have been the screen shadows at the bottom of the page.  Kindle tells us, this is normal, but I personally have also had hot spots and discolored screen – pink streaks in places.  Sometimes I can set the light to get rid of the streaks or lesson their brightness, but I have not been able to do it with the hot spots.  I am awaiting Kindle #4 today to see if we have a winner.

Overall:  I love the concept of the product, and if I can just get a decent screen I would give this 4 stars.  Amazon has been great on the returns end, over nighting replacements.  Let’s hope that they tweak the next round coming out, for perfect reading.

Kindle Touch on Left, Paperwhite on right.




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