Book Review: City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte

24 11 2012

Title:  City of Dark MagicImage

Author: Magnus Flyte (looks like a collaborative effort between a few authors)

Publisher: Penguin

Genre:  Fiction/Fantasy – possibly a series

Website: Check out the video trailer on the website.

Release Date:  November 27, 2012

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

The summary of this book really grabbed me when I read it.  Prague in the Czech Republic is one of those old European cities with history written all over it.  Prince Max – an American heir to a piece of Prague – inherited an old palace and all its artifacts.  He’s assembled a brilliant team of academic specialists to sort through it all and put together the best of the best for public display.  Sarah Weston – a gifted PhD student is called in from the US to become part of this team; her specialty is Beethoven.  But as Sarah makes her way to Prague, there is something mysterious here – something off.  A US Senator with a past in Prague has something to hide, and that something may just be among the artifacts being sorted through.

I found the story in this book very intriguing.  It combines a lot of different genre elements.  The protagonist – Sarah Weston is a modern gal, and gives the novel a contemporary feel.  Yet here she is among all these artifacts, steeped in historical Prague.  The story has many mysteries intertwined – some revealed along the way, others built up through the story.  A component of “magic” – a different way of looking at time – adds another element to the intrigue.  Despite the action starting on page 1, the plot itself takes a little time to set up.  From about the mid-point of the book onward, it’s a definite page turner.  It seems to have a set up for a possible sequel, another historical mystery?

What could have made this book better?  Sarah’s preference for casual sexual encounters is mentioned early in the book.  It is really unnecessary for the story and very distracting in the first part – as this reader was simply not sure what part this detail played in the entire storyline. (Read – who is she going to jump on next?) The element made Sarah seem less mature, and the tension created by a little cat and mouse on the romantic side, could have added another facet to this story.

That being said, it’s still a great read.  Lots of interesting and unique characters, a peek into European History on a number of levels, Beethoven as a man and less of a genius, and a thrilling plot that threatens all the characters we come to love.

I was provided a copy of the book by the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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