Book Review: The Dark Heroine #1

25 11 2012

Title:  Dinner with a Vampire (Dark Heroine #1)Image

Author:  Abigail Gibbs

Genre:  YA Paranormal Series

Publisher:  Harper Voyager (Note:  This book had its start at Wattpad an online service for new authors to post chapters of their books one at a time.  It was extremely popular and has eventually made it to the publisher.)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Violet Lee is kidnapped one dark London night after witnessing a bloodbath in Trafalgar square by Vampires.  The Vampires take her to their compound and hold her while negotiating with her father – a top minister in the government.  While this is going on, she learns many things about Vampires.  And while she gets along with some of them, Kasper, the Prince, vexes her to no end.  There is a whole muti-dimensional plot that’s taking place, but Violet isn’t sure what it all means for her.

I’m not much for Teen Vampire stories. But this one was quite engaging.  The story is told mostly from Violet’s viewpoint, but Kasper has a number of chapters that explain things from his perspective.  They are both engaging characters, and while the book is obviously a love story, the underlying plot components create lots of tension and some mystery that kept me guessing.  As the first in a series, it also spent some time in set up and passing the torch to the next book.

Recommend for: Fans of YA romance and vamp series.

Note:  I was given a copy of the book by the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.

What are you waiting for?  Pick up a copy now.




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