Book Review: Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

20 12 2012

Title:  Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action

Author:  Nick Vujicic

Genre:  Christian self-help

Publisher:  Waterboro Press

My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is Nick’s second book – his first being Life without Limits ( I have not read that book, but have wanted to.)  Nick was born without arms and legs, but he never let it stop him from reaching his potential.  His faith has been a deep part of his life and led him to become a powerful motivational speaker – traveling the world.  In this book, he shares both personal stories and stories shared with him of how faith has persevered in many ways and many forms.  His testimony show how we can trust in God for our strength with real life examples.  Chapters include:

  • Faith in Action
  • Rising from a Fall
  • Matters of the Heart
  • A Life of Passion and Purpose
  • Body Weak, Spirit Strong
  • Winning the Battles Within
  • Fighting Injustice
  • Letting Go to Reach Higher
  • Sow Good Seeds
  • Living in the Balance

Nick shares many very personal stories and isn’t afraid to get real.  He has mountain moving faith, but stumbles like the rest of us.  He looks for God in everything – and sees it and shows us.  He is truly inspirational.

There were many very good stories in this book.  Some made me laugh, and some made me cry.  Things he has written here, have touched me personally.

I struggled with the format in this book.  Some was truly the advanced reader copy ebook I received from the publisher.  It had a lot of garbage formatting and was not indexed, making it tougher to go back and forth in the book – and overall just totally disrupted the reading.  Nick’s writing seemed to ebb and flow for me as well.  It seemed he took a lot of rabbit trails – which although had powerful stories – seemed to get away from the main stories.  I was absolutely glued to the book at times, but it took me more than a month to read it because at other times, I felt lost.

Overall, there is much to be learned here.  Nick is truly inspirational and anyone feeling lost on their journey might find comfort or guidance in the stories of this book.

Note:  If you use the Amazon link at the top, there is a neat video on the book.  Also here is a link to Nick’s website:

Note:  I was given a copy of this book by the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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19 01 2013
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22 06 2013
Paul Sohn

Thanks for the insightful review. Nick’s been wellspring of inspiration. His life speaks volumes to what he preaches. I’ve never seen a man live with rigor and kingdom-minded intentionality. Here’s a post I think you’ll appreciate as well. It’s about the four life lessons Nick Vujicic we all can learn from. Powerful stuff.

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