Book Review: The Ghost Runner by Bill Jones

15 03 2013

TitleThe Ghost Runner: The Epic Journey of the Man They Couldn’t Stop+-+996425032_140

Author:  Bill Jones

Genre: Biography, Sports

Publisher:  Pegasus

Available: NOW

My Rating: 5 of 5 stars

Summary:  It’s the 1950s.  John Tarrant has survived been shuttled to a children’s shelter through a greater part of the war and now her runs his cares away in his working class life.  He dreams of running trophies and Olympic Gold.  But 17 pounds he accepted in his teens for boxing muddies his “amateur” status.  When they tell them he can’t run, he becomes “The Ghost Runner” – the man without a number.

A strait forward story of an incredible underdog who challenged his country and the world for the right to compete with his peers.  One of the greatest runners of his time, Tarrant gets some glory, but he always is fighting for more.  He dreams big and when “officials” get in the way of his dreams, “The Ghost Runner” makes his appearance.

I don’t know what is more compelling about this story – the absolute talent of John Tarrant or his determination to find justice.  But whatever it is, it gains him the respect of his fellow runners and opportunities some of them would never have.  Even while John is being beat down by the Amateur associations, he never stays down.  The Ghost Runner is reinvented for another round of running.

So glad Mr. Jones decided to write this book and retell the story of John Tarrant (Tarrant had also written an autobiography.) In this day and age, where the idea of “amateur” has more or less faded away, and the running community has exploded (I’m a runner myself), this story is sure to appeal to those who have toed the line and dreamed of glory along with other sports fanatics.

Before this book, I never knew who John Tarrant was.  Now, I will never forget.

Recommend for:  Biography lovers, runners and readers of sports stories.

Note;  I was provided a copy by the publisher.  All opinions expressed are my own.




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