Duck Dynasty‘s Latest Literary Offering – Good Call by Jase Robertson

24 04 2014

Thanks to Simon and Shuster for giving me a chance to read this great book.  I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review:

Good Call: Reflections on Family, Faith and Fowl

by Jase Robertson

Genre: Memoir/Christian

Available: May 6, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just about all of the major stars of the Robertson Family on A&E’s Duck Dynasty Series have written a book to talk about their life and their journey. We’ve seen books from Willie, Phil and Uncle Si.  Now Jase is getting in on the publishing market, sharing his incredible story of “success” – although not the success we think, even the success that might appear to us on TV.

Jase shares his story of faith and eternal goals.  From the first page, where he quotes scripture (and quotes it often throughout the book), Robertson is opening his heart to share the trials and triumphs of his own live through the lens of faith.  He recounts some hard years growing up, before his father found the Lord, and how his love for Jesus transformed him and made him who he is today.  Along every portion of his life, Jase has put his faith first – not only applying it to his own life, but living out his faith and ministering to others.

While I was aware that the Robertson family faith was a priority for their lives, this book completely caught me off guard and surprised me.  I had not read the other books, but have always enjoyed Jase’s unique way of looking at things on the show.  So I have been completely blown away by chapter after chapter of his incredible story, his goals, and his continual pursuit in the upward calling.  Now don’t misunderstand, the book is not a faith primer.  Jase is sharing stories, lots of stories of family and friends, all your DD favorites, but he’s also showing us that side of him that A&E never will – the thing he’s most put his faith in – Jesus Christ.

Recommend for: Christians – both fans and non fans.





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