Welcome to Shelly’s World – my space, my place to write my thoughts.

I started blogging in November 2004, when I laid down my career to stay at home with my children.  In the archives you will find tales of those days – adjusting to the transition and finding a whole new world in the online community.

Things have changed.  I’ve grown from a Mom of little ones to a Homeschooling Mom – an incredible journey, but quite time consuming.  Reading has become the “me time” activity, and I’m trying to resurrect this blog to reflect that part of my life, my life in books.  Now my teacher self has a lot of book interaction, too.  So I will share that piece of my life as well as my personal reads.  Along the way, I might also share other things – field trips, workouts, food, NASCAR, etc.  No topic is off limits, because this is MY blog.

But expect to see a lot of books stuff….check out my Book page for more information.



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