Reviews and Ratings


I have had a tremendous time reviewing books over the years.  I write something about most books I read on my GOODREADS account.  I am not paid to review books, but sometimes I am provided complementary copies of books in exchange for providing reviews.  I note these instances in my commentaries.


I read just about every Genre.  I love non fiction, memoirs and bios, history, literary fiction, christian fiction and non-fiction, and historical fiction.   Those are my go-to reads.  I have a real fondness for Appalachian Trail memoirs.  Also Presidential Bios are high on my list at the moment, as long as they correspond with the era of history I am studying with my kids.


Just to help you figure out where I am coming from when I rate a book.

5 stars – Adding to the favorite list.  Great book.  Can’t stop thinking about it even after I’m done.

4 star – Very good book.  Worth recommending to friends.

3 star – A good book, but more “average”.  Still worth reading, especially if the genre, author or characters appeal to you.

2 star – Struggled to finish.  Just didn’t grab me.

1 star – Book that totally lost me, for whatever reason.


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